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Empowering IT departments to efficiently send targeted messages
to users using a secure Chrome Extension

Fantomo at your service

Fantomo offers a user-friendly interface to craft popup messages when your users
visit a specific URL. It prioritizes privacy with a commitment to zero tracking.



IT departments frequently face the twofold task of managing multiple subscriptions and curbing shadow IT. When employees, not realizing the availability of approved company tools, sign up for similar, unauthorized apps, it not only escalates security threats but also leads to unnecessary spending.

Show messages in top banner, full screen, timed, forced every visit or dismissible.



Imagine being able to alert your users before they sign up and spend money on a new tool. Fantomo enables you to select specific URLs to monitor and craft custom messages for display. Whenever a user visits a site you’re tracking, they’ll receive a notification. Use the management tool to create ‘collections’ and compose different messages. To activate them, just drag and drop these collections into the ‘Live now’ folder.



User-Friendly: Simple to operate, whether you’re working solo or with a large team.

Hassle-Free for Users: No configuration needed. Install the Chrome Extension on user devices, and everything else is handled automatically.

Privacy-Centric: All processing is client-side, ensuring no tracking or snooping.

Customizable Message Dismissal: Users have the option to dismiss messages to prevent redundancy, unless overridden by an admin’s ‘force’ flag.

AI co-pilot

The AI co-pilot recommends URLs of comparable tools, ensuring your message appears across various sites for broader coverage. (coming soon)

Google Workspace required

To use Fantomo, you need to have a Google Workspace (Legacy, business or higher) with your own domain.

Improve user satisfaction

Users will no longer feel frustrated about having to give up tools; they will receive the right information exactly when they need it.


Pricing tailored to your needs

Select your plan and start managing your user communication today!


Everything you need to test

€ 0

/ month

Unlimited collections

Invite team members

Free Chrome Extension

5 messages


Prepare and deploy up to 200 messages

€ 19.99
free 3 months

/ month

Everything in Medium

200 messages


Small teams with up to 20 messages

€ 9.99
free 3 months

/ month

Everything in Tiny

20 messages

All plans are paid annually via Stripe.
No credit card is needed to subscribe.

Currently during final beta testing -> paid plans all 3 months FREE.

Just in time insights and messages to your users

Fantomo goes beyond being a mere tool – it acts as a partner in enhancing digital efficiency and boosting user satisfaction.

Fantomo.io: insights and messages seen ‘just in time’ by your users. Streamline you SaaS and user satisfaction.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find the Chrome Extension?

Chrome Webstore: it is manifest v3 ready following all the latest Google guidelines to ensure your safety and privacy.


Does Fantomo track any user interaction?

No, we completely respect your privacy. No data is stored about your users, their interactions, email, password, … We just use the temporary GoogleoAuth token to validate your user is part of your domain.

Is there a monthly subscription?

Sorry, no. We only have yearly subscriptions to keep costs, administration and overhead as low as possible. This means we can keep the price low.

How can I get support or request other features?

Visit our helpdesk portal at https://fantomosupport.freshdesk.com/

Can I use Fantomo when I have a Microsoft domain/AD?

Not yet. Depending on the requests, we can extend this to Microsoft and Edge.